Trip Tips!

Amy’s Top Ten ways to amuse yourself on a long plane or car ride.

1.  Read a good book. A long book is exciting, and passes time quickly! My favorite way to read on vacation is on my kindle or nook. It is lightweight and I can stock up lots of books before I leave home. If you don’t have a Kindle or Nook, make sure to never take library books with you!

2.  Bring electronic devices! If you are fortunate to have an iPad or other tablet device, make sure to put it in your suitcase!

3.  Watch a movie. Most airplanes have a screen to watch movies on the seat in front you, or if you are in a car, portable DVD players don’t take up that much space either.

4.  Draw. You can draw everywhere, with very little materials needed!

5.  Make a music video! Using a free app called Video Star you can make fun crazy music videos to pass time!

6.  Listen to music. Who doesn’t like to listen and sing along to their favorite songs?

7.  Play cards. Their are countless card games to play! One of my favorites is a game called Dirty Dog.

8.  Sleep. Take a well deserved rest, and hopefully awaken at your final destination!


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